ABL Limousine Company Policies

12 Hour required for cancellation on any airport & out of state pick up 8 hour required for any New Jersey pick up. Stretch Limo’s 7 days required. We do not accept any cancellation over the phone. We accept only thru at email address at Abllimousine@gmail.com. Cancellation and “No Show” Fees : Cancellation of any sedans job in New Jersey within twelve (12) hours of Pick up will result in full charge of the fare price of the trip plus 20% service fee And Taxes. Cancellation of Limousine/van with less than seven (7) day’s notice will be charged two (4) hours min plus TAXES AND 20% SERVICE CHARGE. Cancellation of any airport pick up with less than twelve (12) hours notice will be charge the fare price of the trip plus 20% service fee And Taxes. New Year’s Cancellation with less than seven (7) Day’s notice will be charged for of the full fare price plus TAXES AND 20% SERVICE CHARGE. Prom Cancellation with less than seven (7) Day’s notice will be charged for of the full fare price plus TAXES AND 20% SERVICE CHARGE.     Our Liability:ABL Limousine will not be liable for circumstances beyond our control including   : Weather, Road conditions, and breakdowns. Limousine assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged baggage, personal belongings, or any items left in the car.ABL Limousine assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged baggage or personal belongings, or for any items left in the vehicle. Client agrees that there will be no smoking in our vehicle(s). Client agrees that the passenger capacity of vehicle provided shall not be exceeded. Client is responsible for damages to the vehicle committed by his/her party during service, either willfully or accidentally. Client is responsible for the full payment of any overtime charges, beyond the original agreement. ABL Limousine reserves the right to cancel any Service without Refund, if the Operator or the Office feels that the Renter/Party of the Renter is putting the Operator or The Mode of Transportation or The Renter/Party of the Renter in danger of Injury. Or if the Renter/Party of the Renter is in the possession of any Illegal Material or Substance, this Service will be canceled without refund.

ABL Cleaning fee or Damages to vehicle

Cleaning fees will only be applied if our vehicle is biologically contaminated by any bodily fluid and may include all costs sending the vehicle back to the manufacturer for disassembly, decontamination and reassembly. Cleaning fees can vary from as little as $100 to more than $10,000 depending on the level and location of contamination. Deliberate damage to the interior or exterior of any vehicle will be charged at the cost of restoration, plus a 50% service fee. Terms and Conditions: Privacy Policy: At ABL Limousine discretion is part of our business as getting our customers from point to point on time safely, and comfortably. We value our client’s privacy and recognize the trust our clients place with us. This policy is to inform our clients of what information ABL Limousine collects from its clients & what it does with the data, and what ABL Limousine does to ensure that your personal data kept confidential and safe.ABL Limousine may change the policy from time to time without notice. Any changes will appear on our web site. Please check the policy periodically for any changes. What data will ABL Limousine collect about me? ABL Limousine collects only the personal data it needs to ensure that we can accurately provide the use of our service that our clients ask for. ABL Limousine also collects personal data that will make the reservation process more efficient.ABL Limousine will save personal data, such as your name, addresses, phone number, email address, and credit card information in your personal profile. This data is used to make your use of our Online Reservation and services more efficient. Is my personal date safe in the ABL Limousine Server? ABL Limousine uses the standard encryption technology, SSL, to ensure that the data passed between our customer’s browsers and our web site is safe and secure. All data is stored in databases that can only be accessed by authorized personnel. How do I change my personal data? Our clients may change their Internet profile information at any time via our Online Service or true our central office. Profiles can be changed by called our Customer Service Representative at 732-274-2107.


A US $25 holiday surcharge occurring on : New Year’s Eve and New Years Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, Labor Day, Fourth Of July, Christmas Day.